Ellen Blum Barish

Ellen Blum Barish

So after eight years – off and on- penning my blog, I finally committed to a title and put it in the hands a very gifted graphic designer. Though the blog always had the mission to explore writing craft and creative process, it was a nameless one. As a word person, that lack of identity was making me feel a bit ungrounded, I guess.

And so now, I’m officially rolling out the logo for my blog that really says how I feel about artistic process (and also has a bit of fun with my initials).


Since launching Thread last December, and also diving deeper into photography, I’ve discovered something really interesting. We understand the contemporary word logo as a symbol or image that introduces a product, a service, a team, a company. Yet the word logo in Greek means word. And logos refers to the principles of order and knowledge. It appears that there is an even more intimate relationship between words and images than I first imagined. There’s not only a language inherent in the one we make with our alphabet, but also in the ones that come from shape, color, line and value. And then there’s an entirely different thing created when the two are paired together.

I just love this stuff.

My deep appreciation to Amanda Good who worked tirelessly with me on this design as well as the Thread logo, and did a beautiful job in having them “talk” to one another. The process was a beautiful and worthwhile lesson in art unto itself.

In this blog, I offer up a myriad of musings on writing from our lives and turning those stories into art. I shine a light on people who are doing it really well and I also explore the challenges of writing in this form. But mostly I feel like I’m championing the process itself, leading the cheer and urging you to find some version of it for yourself.

I’d love to have you subscribe, as well as to Thread, and to hear what you have to say on these subjects. I stared this blog after writing a monthly column for 13 years in which I loved hearing from readers. We can learn so much from one another. Feel free to send me a line if you are so inclined.





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