I am a writing coach. I work with people on writing projects across the spectrum, in person and online.

For the story of how I came to coaching and why I love this work, click on this recent blog post:

A Reluctant Professor. A Grateful Coach


I offer three different writing coaching programs, but many people choose to mix aspects of each to fit their specific goals.

You may want to get a non-fiction book draft onto the page (see Memoir in Twelve Moons).  Or an outline for a book-length project  (see Path to Publication). Or you may have a shorter term goal such as boosting your business writing, improving academic grades or completing a personal essay for university application (see Plan to Page).

These programs are designed to remove roadblocks and help you reach your writing goal. For any budget.

New Coaching Programs for 2018*

Memoir in Twelve Moons (One year)

Full Moon (one hour, weekly) or Half Moon (one hour, twice monthly)

  • complete a draft of a memoir or personal narrative collection

Path to Publication (Three months)

  • outline for a book-length project
  • family story to the page (to or with an aging family member)

Plan to Page (One month)

  • business writing boost at the workplace
  • grade improvement for reading and writing at school
  • completion of a long-form academic writing assignment
  • personal essay for college or graduate school admission
  • preparing an essay for literary publication submission

*Weekly one hour sessions unless otherwise noted. Hours can be broken down into 30-minute segments. 

To learn more about how these programs could fit your writing goals, email me at to schedule a free conversation.

Want to write a personal essay?  I have worked with people who haven’t written anything since high school or college or want to try personal narrative for the first time; and writers interested in submitting their work for publication or more experienced writers wanting to hone their craft.

A memoir? Ask me about how my one-month, three-month and twelve-month programs for getting a memoir draft onto the page – based on my own experience –  might work for you and your project.

A nonfiction book? Writers whose nonfiction manuscripts I have reviewed ultimately became published books have included topics such as conscious parenting, reiki and recovering from an eating disorder. I have also edited books published by the American Medical Association and National Textbook Company.

A novel? I have worked with Ellen Frankel who wrote Syd Arthur and with a writer working on a mystery novel in progress.

In grad school? If you are working on a master’s thesis, capstone paper or other long-form academic project, I can help you at any stage of the writing process. Whether it’s organizing your research and direction, getting those first words onto the page or editing the sentences, I have helped students submit the best possible version of their work for degree completion and/or publication. I have been working with graduate students at Northwestern and North Park universities on their capstone writing projects for more than a decade.

I have also provided support for college students who want to improve their writing skills as well as elementary or high school students working on academic assignments.

We can do this work together in person or online, at your own pace and schedule. I can help you get started on a project that has your heart, support you in revision, help you keep moving and complete it for yourself, publication, legacy or simply the joy of finishing something.

Writers tell me that I make the process potent with self discovery and … even enjoyable.

Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation by emailing me at We can talk about what you are looking for and ways to move forward that will fit your schedule and meet your writing goals.

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